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We get a lot of questions on what we do, and how we can help you. We created this list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully help answer some of those. If you find that you still have questions or concerns - PLEASE do not hesitate to send us a message!

1. What are the ingredients in a Branded / Logo Cookie? 


We use only the finest ingredients - real butter, granulated sugar, real eggs, high quality flour and pure vanilla extract. We use white Royal Icing on top of the cookie that dries hard. 


2. What are the ingredients in a Branded / Logo Cup Cake? 


We bake a moist vanilla golden cake and top it with a pure buttercream frosting. We use only the finest blend of high quality ingredients. Chocolate cup cakes are also available and are priced accordingly. 

3. How is the image / logo made?


We print on edible sugar with edible food color dyes. All of these products are certified safe and Kosher. They have no bitter taste. 


4. Insurance & Licensing


Our bakery is fully licensed by the New York State Department of Agriculture. We carry all required insurance to manufacture and distribute food both wholesale and retail in New York State. 


5. How are your products priced?


We bake everything TO ORDER and deliver all of our products FRESH. We use only the finest real ingredients. We never substitute margarine or oil for creamery butter or powered or frozen eggs for real eggs. 


A lot of companies who make similar products bake months and months in advance, pull the cookies or cup cakes from a freezer and begin to decorate with sub standard ingredients. The products are stale before they arrive and have no real taste - leaving your guests with a sub par product that now has your name or brand on it! Not good. 


"We bake high quality sweets for an upscale clientele." Our price is based on the cost of these high quality ingredients and the level of detail we put into baking, decorating and packaging the items. 

6. What type of image is needed to get the best results?


We recommend a high resolution JPG or PNG image. The better the image, the better the results. 


7. How far in advance do we have to place our order?  


"All good food (and dessert) takes time to prepare." Ideally we need 4 - 5 days. At peak times we need to know a few weeks in advance as we have to schedule time to give your order the attention it deserves. The sooner you place your order, the better. 


8. Payment methods? 


All orders must be paid by credit card or company check before we begin. We will send an invoice to approve and once approved we use Paypal to process all credit cards. 


9. Delivery Information?


All orders can be hand delivered in Manhattan. Cookies can also be shipped USPS Priority Mail if time permits at current PO rates. Cup Cakes DO NOT ship. They can be ordered for hand delivery only. Orders shipped Priority mail are subject to a handling charge for special packing to prevent breakage. 


10. Multiple Shipments?


We can ship as many packages for promotions, advertising, gifts, etc. as needed by USPS or private messenger service. 

We ship nationwide and worldwide.  Holiday time is when most companies are sending lots of gifts to different locations. We excel in executing these shipments due to our many years of experience. We also can include your marketing materials and / or gift cards. 

11. Private Label?


Yes! We can produce any item with your company name on the package for local or wide area delivery. 

12. Events & Celebrations Set Up?


Yes! For an added fee we will arrive with the branded sweets and can set them up on trays, platters, in baskets, etc. with fresh floral touches. Minimums apply. 

13. Catered Events?


Yes we have a catering division! 

Please inquire about our full catering service offering delicious on trend food, waitstaff, rentals and bar for 75 guests and up. 

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! 

14. Custom Shapes & Special Requests?


Yes! Cosmetics, Doves, Cactus, Hearts, Onesies, Ice Cream Cones, whatever shape...Please inquire. Minimums apply. 

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